Thursday, 26 April 2012

Coming of Digital Age

As part of the whole publishing exercise our course recommends not only this blog, but to be on Twitter. So last night I had twitter 101 from my wonderful daughter, and am trying my hand at it, so far so good. I am amazed at the information out there. Dasida, my Ancient Cretan scribe in "Despite the Angels", would be utterly astonished.  Alessia, a past life version of my heroine Lucy, tells Dasida her spirit must be trapped in the clay when she makes her marks in it. I wonder are our spirits anywhere on The Web? !!
I am writing a new prologue for 'Angels', to help readers who are not 'into' reincarnation get a foothold in the story. I am so used to the whole concept, I tend to forget that for some people it is just fantastic rubbish. It is quite a 'melange de genres', publishing a book about such an esoteric subject in such a high tech (esoteric?) medium.
As well as writing, I am keeping my other hobbies alive. I go to a rehearsal this evening, for my little part in 'Idols', a one-act play set in the French Revolution. I am the nasty revolutionary, and get to wear a red hat. The play is with Taney Drama Society, and will be on at the end of May.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Editing and 'subbing'

'Remember this is Self publishing' says Kevin, our tutor, as he gives us another bit of homework, or a bigger piece of work for one of our four assessments. So this week we are doing our own editing and proof-reading, or to give it a new name to me, 'subbing'. Apparently I have missed my calling, as my gimlet eye picks up all the spelling mistakes in other people's work. Actually, I'm just a spelling Nazi. And as for misplaced apostrophes, don't get me started.... or maybe that should be ''''' ?
There are 10 of us on the course, and some interesting writing will come out of it, I think. My own work is getting a real once-over, and will be much the better for it.