Friday, 31 August 2012

Getting exciting....

I am off for a holiday, but leaving things exciting - "Despite the Angels" is with an editor, and I also have seen the first 'drafts' of a cover design. I was hoping this would be ready to share, but we have to wait a little longer.
"Jill" (see Hairs on back of my neck, Below) came back for her 'Life between lives' session, and got a lot of information about her life today. She was pleased to find that she is doing the right job, and making progress in the right ways. I have tried to Google the information she got about her last life on Earth, but it is difficult to know where to look, so we may never get clear confirmation as for her North African life. But it doesn't matter to 'Jill', she is setting off into the rest of her modern life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Friday, 17 August 2012

We have all been "baddies"

As I said below, we have not all been princes in our past lives. But we have all been the villain,even though most of us do not visit villainous lives during regression. Our conscious minds block it, as we are all much more comfortable with the idea that we are the victim, and everyone is always mean to us!

I had a client who did see herself in the bad role, and I wrote about it in Chapter 24 of "Memories of the Afterlife" edited by Dr Michael Newton.You can read the full story there, but I'll give a taste of it here.

Marguerite, my client, came for past-life and life-between-lives sessions to find out why she was 'stuck' in one area of her life. The first past lives she experienced were quite far back in history, and resonated with her present life. The third, done just before her 'LBL' session, was in a more modern setting, and she was married to an abusive husband who eventually killed her. We then carried on into the life-between-lives, and she gained much information, which she felt afterwards would help her to clear the block. (She also wanted to write a book!)
A few months later, she returned for another past-life regression, as she became anxious every time she started to write, and felt the situation was not resolved. She saw herself first speaking out against the religious establishment in Ancient Rome, and being poisoned as result. This (apart from the poisoning!) seems rather like her modern situation, so it was not much help. I suggested she look further, and she found a life as a witch-doctor who carried out a child-sacrifice, in the belief that this would fill her with healing powers which could benefit her tribe. Later in that life she repented, and cut her own throat. Within the hypnosis session, she was able to discuss this with her spirit guide, and gained much clarity. She is no longer upset by people who hold strong opposing views to her own, as she understands very clearly that they may do so because of genuinely held beliefs. The 'evil' amongst us may often believe they are acting for the best. It is very likely that we have all found ourselves acting on false or damaging information during at least one of our past lives....

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Next Hurdle

"Despite the Angels" took a small step towards publication today - it has gone off by email to 'The Literary Consultancy' ( for editing. I am also asking the editor who reads it to suggest its genre. A kind contributor on this blog suggests 'occult' but I'm not sure about that, as I feel occult makes people think of vampires and séances. 'Despite the Angels', despite the angels in it, is very ordinary. I hope that will be one of its strong points.
Also, I would not like it to be seen and read only by people already interested in reincarnation. It is a story suitable for everyone, just as fiction. Terry Pratchett's readers do not have to believe there is a flat world on the back of a turtle out there somewhere, so my readers do not have to believe in past lives...
What genres do you look in to find the books you like?