Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The first Re-write is done

Today I had a good morning at the Carousel Writers' Café up the Dublin hills. The brainchild of Carolann Copland, a fellow writer, it provides a quiet space with great view, and all the hot drinks and energy providing snacks you could want. So in the peace I got to the end of "Despite the Angels" with my first re-write.
Now I have to put it aside for a few days, and then read it to see if my characters, Lucy and David, like what I have done with their lives!
Even more important, do their spirit guides approve? 'Jotin' and 'Trynor' are very vocal, so they will let me know if the story is not right.
I don't think the book will be out before Christmas, but when it is, it will be even better for ageing slowly, like a fine wine....

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