Thursday, 25 April 2013

1) Volunteering. Mostly this means to do a job without pay, usually for a charitable cause of some sort. But it can be seen from the work and discoveries of Michael Newton, that many people’s whole lives may have been a decision to volunteer for a tough job. I find this idea makes sense of some of the ‘tragedies’ of life. If you can see the little Down’s child as an old soul who volunteered to be here to help her parents learn about disappointment, patience, or simply love, you can see her life as truly meaningful. This may be the case for the souls in many difficult situations - they may have agreed to be there to help those around them in some way, and they are usually very experienced souls. This does not make it easier for them when they are here, nor should we forget to treat them with total compassion. For more about this, see ‘Journey of Souls’, ‘Destiny of Souls’, and ‘Memories of the Afterlife’. (I contributed a chapter to this last one.)

2) Very. I can’t think of anything that describes me that begins with V, so will have to put in my Very fine hair, and the fact that my boss once described me as Very deep! Very is probably a good word for me, as I don’t do things by halves!   Oh, and the heroine of my third, half-written, book is 'Violette' !

3) Very high dilution. Sceptics dismiss homoeopathy because of the high dilution of the remedies, but this is a misunderstanding of the principle of homoeopathy. Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy discovered almost by mistake  that diluting a remedy actually made it more effective, not less.( Isn’t it interesting how many wonderful discoveries have been accidents? Think of penicillin!) Sceptics also say ‘Oh well, there’s no molecule of the active ingredient in there, so it can’t possibly work,’ and stick with the assumption that it doesn’t work. A more scientific viewpoint would say ‘It is astonishing that these remedies work, I wonder how?’ As I said under Q, it is quantum physics that will eventually work out the answer to that question.


  1. Very high dilution, this is interesting. i'll have to read it again to figure out what it means though. i do think that is the correct question ' "It is astonishing that these remedies work,I wonder how?"

  2. Dear MadelineAnn, this is about my fifth attempt to post a comment on your blog today! First my phone, then iPad, and I finally gave in and went to the desktop. Hope I can make it all the way through this time!

    Your comments about volunteering really resonate with me. I have been a SAHM for the past 20 years, and have home-educated for many of those years. I have learned so much through these experiences, even if they do not necessarily translate well onto a job application. There's probably several websites out there, though, that are dedicated to the goal of helping women like myself put together a boss resume utilizing all the experiences and skills I've gained through my volunteer work.

    I was wondering if the juxtaposition of '"tragedies" of life' with the example of the child with Down syndrome in the next sentence means those two things are connected for you. I think they are for a lot of people. I have a 7yo son born with Down syndrome. I knew nothing about Down syndrome when he was born, but I could tell immediately that it was present. Yes, his life is valuable as a teacher to us and so many others about the wonder of unconditional love, but his life is also valuable just because he is alive. He is one special kid, and a huge blessing to us. I didn't get that at first, as I had NO experience with Ds, but my testimony now is that Ds is actually far far from a tragedy, and is very much a gift.

    Love your blog!


    1. Yes, what you say fits totally with the idea that he may have volunteered. Notice I put 'tragedies' in inverted commas! I just used Down's as an example, there are many things that can make us cry when we first learn of them. I know of a young woman whose child has been born blind, even her parents are still upset.

  3. I should be more generous with my time and volunteer more. Being a deep person is a good thing.