Saturday, 6 April 2013

F is for...

1) Formatting. This is something that was a meaningless word to me a year ago, and now I have done it. I was about to write ‘now I can do it’ but that is something different! Those of you who know what it is will know you sweat blood, and those who don’t, well: be glad you don’t need to.
2) France. I was brought to France first when I was seven, and by the time I was ten I was in love with it. My Mum spoke fluent French, having studied it for her degree, and lived there for a year, so I understood its value (it got me ice cream!) and learnt it pretty well. I speak it adequately, although not fluently - I won an argument with a Parisian waiter once, which has to count as enough- and knowing French does help you love France. I have seen most places, and apart from the very industrial north east, have loved it all. Now, by a happy accident, we have a place in the Périgord, and I am in heaven. So part of “Despite the Angels” is set in France, and my third novel, as yet un-named, will use my Périgordian knowledge even more.
3) Ferrum Phosphoricum, for the early stages of most febrile conditions

I don't know what is controlling the date for these posts, but it is 00.13 according to my watch, my computer, and my phone, and yet the post has gone up as Friday!!! It is Saturday here, and I'm going to bed....


  1. I love all things French, but have only ever dreamed of going there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hate when the computer won't post as Friday on Friday, but I know Blogger is rigged to Pacific Time, which is 3 hours behind EST (my time zone). So to be safe, I schedule for 3:30 a.m. and don't worry about it.

  2. Check the timezone that your blog is set to.
    Your blog may be set to US time :)
    You'll find it in the settings somewhere - shout if you've a prob sorting it.


    1. Thanks! It was set to something not much out, but the change to summer time had made it noticeable. Eejit here hadn't realised you could set it to anything!!

  3. Formatting can be a pain and yes, you sweat blood and in my case I cry a lot during it too. Your experience with France sounds really lovely. It has been nice meeting you and I am very grateful that you visited my blog.

  4. Formatting can give you heart burns! Sometimes a thing refuses to go back to its desired place on the document! But with patience and practice, tips and tricks and Google the God, it does go back! :D
    My child is learning French in his school and we get to learn a few things too! :)