Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N is for....

1) Dr Michael Newton is a hypnotherapist in California who accidentally discovered that he could bring people to the ‘life between lives’ or spirit world. He was doing a past life regression for a woman who spontaneously said that the reason she was unhappy was that her soul group had not come to earth with her this time, and that she was all alone. This is where taking a past-life experience as a metaphor, and actually thinking there might be some truth in all this ‘nonsense’ may have to part company. I’ll be talking more about reincarnation under ‘R’. Michael Newton regressed about 8,000 subjects into what seems to be the spirit world, and published his results in ‘Journey of Souls’ and ‘Destiny of Souls’. The amount that different peoples’ experiences in this hypnotic state produce the same information is quite compelling. I have found that my own clients also experience a range of things within Newton’s described range, even if they have not read his books. It is very intriguing. My own experience in the ‘life between lives explained to me something about why I am as I am.

2) I have No idea really why I wrote a Novel. It was just a Notion I got, and there it is! Number one in a set of Novels that are Not a series. I am Not Naive, or particularly Negative, but No-one much is buying it yet and that is Not Nice! Please take a little Notice of my literary (!) baby!! I would Not like it to be a Non-event....

3) Nux Vomica.  The hangover remedy. 


  1. And Now it has been Newly purchased. Just kNow that I woN't be readiNg aNy books uNtil the moNth of May.

    I love your N

  2. Congrats on your book!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Happy Tuesday. ☺

  3. Way to go, Madeline. I should re-read Newton...could do me the world of good to be reminded of the spirit world.

  4. "Life between lives". That would be something I might just be interested in exploring.

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