Friday, 5 April 2013

E is for....

1) Effort. Writing is addictive, but getting a book published is work, and requires a lot of Effort. I have used most of my book-Energy, and so far I'm ‘only’ on-line. The trouble is, I and my friends are of the age when books are paper, not kindles (though I love my kindle too), and I don’t really believe I’m published because I can’t riffle through the pages! So another bunch of effort must be dredged up from somewhere...
2) Elegant. This is what I want to be ‘in my next life’. I want to be someone who gets out of a car without a) showing my undies, b) getting entangled in the seat belt, c) dropping my bag so its contents go all over the road. There are many other situations where a spot of elegance would come in handy too.
3) Euphrasia. This is ‘eyebright’ and is good in liquid form, as drops for sore eyes.

If this is still saying it was published on Thursday, I'm sorry, my phone said 1 minute past midnight!


  1. It seems to me that writing is easy compared to getting a book published.

    Bowen, I swear by it but can't afford it very often.


  2. By the way, for the A to Z in particular, it is recommended that you get rid of Captcha. Many people won't leave comments if they have to enter words and letters to do so.

    1. Hi Jo, I changed something in 'settings' to say anyone can comment. Have I got rid of 'captcha'? Thanks, M

  3. Writing, publishing, and then marketing a book - all three phases require huge effort. But well worth it in the end. Good luck. -Belinda.

  4. I needed that paperback copy to feel published too! I understand that feeling. And yes, the publishing is hard work, along with the writing . . . it takes lots of energy. I hope for a tiny bit of elegance in my life too. :)

  5. Elegance is what I need. I'm just like you and more when I try to dress up in a classy way. Maybe we should go to those classes where we have to walk with books on our heads.

    Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

  6. not to worry, you are just ahead of the game. When it came to Elegance, I'm with you, there ain't nothing about how I do things that is elegant, but I'm okay with it. I learnt to laugh about it a good while ago.

  7. Hi Madeline, I have been published in print - but for non-fiction stuff - and I'm still trying to figure out how to break into the fiction market and hopefully get a short story published in a journal or anthology. Realized it's such a complex ball game and boy do I have to grow some thick skin! But for now, I'm just having fun with A-Z and discovering this community of like-minded groupies of the written word ;) - Mel (

  8. Hiya
    Loved the elgance bit alright.

    Despite the Angels is PUBLISHED. And you went to great efforts to make it happen ;) x
    You'll get there!