Saturday, 27 April 2013

X is for...

1) X is a terrible letter when you’ve restricted yourself to writing on certain topics! I can’t just make up a character called Xenon, or go for an Xray.... And I do wonder if I have the Xfactor-for-writing....
X is a multiplication sign, so I am hoping that my sales of “Despite the Angels” will multiply, my good reviews will multiply, and my energy to get on with publishing “Revisited Sins” will multiply even more! And may the multiplication angels visit me with myriads of creative ideas, and the time to trap them on the page...

2) Here is another poem, about love -where we all use lots of xxx!
19 and 15
Nearly six foot of gangle
gets into bed beside me,
and a beautiful woman
brings her duvet and sits on my feet,
and once again a Christmas morning
resounds with laughter
and “look at this!” and “what is it?”
and I sink below another sea of tissue paper.
An unbroken line of chocolate coins
and a-mandarin-in-the-toe
seems to stretch back through the years
to when they were soft bundles
drowsing milkily against my neck.
But before the past can become more
than a prickle in my eyes,
comes “look at my bubbles!”
and “would you like a marshmallow?”
and the solid happy presence of them
breaks the spell,
and I think, -despite all troubles,
mistakes and failures,
to have raised such kids as these
I have done well.

3) XXX  No common homoeopathic remedy starts with X. Kiss it better!


  1. What a wonderful poetic tribute to your kids! I love the imagery of the chocolate coins. And wishing you many multiples on the book front! Enjoy the rest of your A to Z journey!
    Jess/ Blogging on the Brink

  2. I like thinking of X as a sign to multiply instead of X out. Thank you!

    If your big kids still snuggle with you. Yes, you've done a great job.

  3. X for multiply is very clever! Good luck with your book sales. :)

  4. A lovely, warm feel to your poem, sounds like you have wonderful kids.

  5. A fantastic poem. X is usually the hardest letter for the Challenge!

  6. Thank you all so much! Yes, great kids, but must confess - they are a lot older now....

  7. Your poem has a warm, nostalgic feel to it. Beautiful!

    It was interesting to read about no homeopathic cure starting with X. I take homeo medicine for asthma and have noticed all the oddly-named bottles at the doctor's. I just assumed that there'd be one with X.

    And may the multiplication angels always be in your favour :)

    - Zainab at Metamorphosis