Monday, 15 April 2013

I got an award!!! "The Liebster"

The Liebster Award is a blog 'award' that is passed around from one blog to another, with some rules.
First of all, let me thank Kathleen of Reading, Writing and Life for the nomination. She is also taking part in the AtoZ challenge, please go and have a look at her blog.

the rest of the rules are:
I have to give 11 random facts about me
I have to answer the 11 questions the presenter of the award has asked
I have to nominate 11 new bloggers to receive the award, they must have fewer than 200 followers
I have to ask my nominees 11 new questions of my own

Here goes: 11 facts about me:
1)I really do not like milk chocolate, and think white chocolate is vile.
2)I was an only child till I was 15, then I got 2 siblings of 20 months old
3)My mum's mum's family come from Stratford on Avon, and a great great (etc) grandmother lived in part of Shakespeare's house
4)I like to do crafts : knitting, sewing, crochet, macramé, beading, scrapbooking, candle making have all had their turn
5)My attic is full of defunct craft stuff
6)I also go bellringing, in the local church and in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin, which has 19 bells (the most in the world I think) hung for 'full circle' ringing. Haven't been for a while as have had tennis elbow
7)I do not play tennis
8) or any other sports
9) I like to cook, and eat, but one of my favourites is raw : I love sashimi
10)I am a lot older than the average first-time book publisher, later this year I have a very 'roundy birthday'.
11)I am married for the second time. My Dad often said 'you should never do anything for the first time' : he meant put up shelves on curved walls, and suchlike, but for me it applied to getting married!

Kathleen asks:
1) Which of the 3 stooges are you most like? - I have no idea, I have never watched them.
2)Which character would you like to take the place of, and why? - one of the Swallows and Amazons children, because I would find out what it's like to have siblings, and it would be fun to have all that freedom to sail dinghies in pretend adventures.
3)Mac or PC? PC
4)Your favourite book cover? Hard one, I don't judge by the cover! So I'm going to 'cheat' and say that of my own book, because it's the only cover I really paid much attention to. And did I pay it attention!! It's over there on the right...
5)the last 5 books you've read? -Createspace Self Publishing by Jan Roetman; The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller; Burning Bright by Catherine Brophy; Christine Falls by Benjamin Black (John Banville) and Homoeopathic Sketches of Children's Types by Catherine R Coulter.
6)Who would play your nemesis in a movie of your life? - So far, I haven't really had a nemesis, so this is a toughie. I think it would be what a colleague of mine used to describe as 'a woman with balls' -those over-assertive women who are out for power. Now, I see very few films, so can't really identify any actor, but a young Helen Mirren might be able to play such a part?
7) Vanilla or Chocolate? Depends what is being flavoured! If it's ice-cream, chocolate, definitely.
8) By a strange accident of fate, I am stranded in your home town. Can I stay at your place? - Yes, if it isn't for too long, and you don't have to be entertained!
9) Are you sure? No!!(only kidding...)
10) What is one word which describes your current MC?- I had to check with Kathleen what MC was, it's the main character of your book, so that's hard, as I have 4 MCs! -"invisible".

Now, the 11 bloggers I am nominating to take over the Liebster award:
1)Ficticious Amo AnneMarie Miles is blogging as her hilarious character Lizzie, who is a little girl in Dublin. Check it out.
2) Karen Adair YA Author  has a lovely chatty style about all things literary
3) Chick Lit Love  is all about 'chick lit' authors, including its owner, Laura Bambry. If you're looking for a new easy read, here's where you go...
4)Shannons Book Bag in The AtoZ challenge, Shannon is writing about all aspects of photography
5) The View Outside  Vikki Thompson is going through well known authors (L was Lawrence) in an easy to read style
6)Paranormal Lounge Kayla Curry writes lovely paranormal pieces. Use your imagination!
7) Always a Book Lover. Victoria Teoh is writing about books and emotions
8) Inspired Life : Christine writes about family life and problems, with lots of photos
9) Thoughtless Gibberish is written by a fictional character called Bumferry Hogart
10) No Filter Between Brain and Mouth  Barbara Garren muses on her life. In L she claimed to be lazy like lizards...
11)Debra's Windows into Writing: Debra writes on all aspects of writing

Now, my questions which my nominees must answer:
1) How much do you like your steak cooked? (If you don't eat steak, what is your favourite equivalent?)
2) Tea coffee or something else?
3) How much was your first pay -packet for, and what was the job?
4) Favourite film, and why?
5) How long does it take you to read an average length novel?
6) Was your school co-educational or single sex, and do you think that was the better option?
7) Which emotion do you feel the most easily/most often? Do you enjoy it?
8) Has anything out-of-the-ordinary wonderful ever happened to you? Can you tell us about it?
9) Left or right handed?
10) What's your favourite kind of holiday?
11) Do you have a pet, what is it, or if not, why not?

Thank you to everyone, my nominator, my 11 nominees, and you, the reader. At the end of the month I may answer my own questions, if I have any energy left!!


  1. Congratulations.

    I loved the comment that you don't judge a book by the cover. Awesome!!

  2. Thanks so much for the nomination! I think - well, maybe. Hey, those are some tough questions!

  3. Thank-you very much for my nomination. "Fictional" means awesome right? right?...... ;O)

  4. Aww, I'll eat your white chocolate for you. No worries!

    John at The Bathroom Monologues

  5. Thank you soooo much honey! :)



  6. Thank you so much for the nomination! I do have a few questions about how to do this...but I think I'll just jump right in and copy your lead!

  7. Just surfacing from the AtoZ.
    Thanks again for the award.
    Embarrassingly I've got it three times during AtoZ - would you mind if I combined the three?