Thursday, 11 April 2013

J is for...

1) Jotin. ‘My name is Jotin’ is the first line of my novel, and Jotin is one of the two ‘spirit guides’ in the story. He looks after David, the hero. But really, Jotin and his friend Trynor are the heroes, or heroines -spirit guides or ‘angels’ have no gender. It was fun making up other-worldly names for the spirits, but at work I meet people from other countries and often their names are just as unusual, so if there are any Jotins or Trynors out there, I’m sorry!
2) I struggled for a while to think of a ‘J’ to represent me, until my wonderful daughter came round last weekend to announce her engagement, and I remembered: she was born in January, and her brother was born in June. Probably the most significant events of my life!
3) Jealousy. There are no useful remedies starting with J, so I’ll mention Ignatia, which is a good remedy for the jealousy felt by a toddler when her younger sibling is born.


  1. Ignatia - that sounds interesting.

    When my kids were born I requested gifts and attention for the non-newborns as much as possible. Attention being allowed during the time when the brother's got to hold newborn on their lap. When they got bored and ran off to play with the gifts it was then time for the adults to heap the attention on the new born.

  2. Good techniques! Something like that worked for me when my son arrived, bringing with him a wonderful fire-engine for his big sister! She only once said he should go back, and was quite happy when I said the hospital couldn't take him.I think it also helped that I agreed with her that he could be an awful nuisance! I only met homoeopathy later, but even so, I don't think we needed Ignatia - which is also useful in grief with unstoppable crying.

  3. Hello! Just saw your comment on my blog, Paranormal Lounge. I think that if you have some main characters in your story that are spirit guides, that would count as paranormal. If you see them in at least half of the chapters, and they are an important part of the story, I would say it can be marketed as paranormal! Hope that helps! Just followed your blog. Your book sounds very interesting!

    1. thank you, Kayla! I'll leave it marked as 'paranormal' and see if people find and like it.The spirit guides are almost the heroes of the story....