Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for....

1) Unconscious mind. This is also known as the sub-conscious, and is the part of the mind that is really in charge. Children of seven and under have only an ‘unconscious’ mind, which is why they will believe anything they are told - they have not developed the ‘conscious’ questioning part. As adults, we think we are running our lives with our conscious minds, and to a great extent we are - it is with this that you book tickets, or look left and right crossing the road. But it is your unconscious that is most deeply in control, it decides you are afraid of heights, or don’t like spinach, and it holds those beliefs really tightly. Until a hypnotherapist comes along, and helps you to access your unconscious, and tell it that spinach is delicious, that heights are not inherently dangerous, or more commonly, that cigarettes taste foul! It is also in your unconscious that all your memories are stored, and it is there that we go to pull out the deepest truths about you. It is there that your ‘past life’ memories are sitting, whether you believe these to be genuine memories, or only your mind or spirit’s way of making up a story to explain you to yourself.

2) Unitarian: I signed up to become a Unitarian about two and a half years ago, 18 months after I started attending the beautiful Unitarian church on Stephen’s Green in Dublin. I have found a lovely supportive community there, which as someone from a tiny family, I truly treasure. If you would like to learn more about this liberal non-creedal religion, look at “Are you a Unitarian and don’t know it?” which is where I did my initial research about four years ago.

3) Urtica. This remedy is made from the nettle, and is good for any skin conditions that resemble nettle-rash.


  1. Not sure about 7 year olds only having the unconscious mind. Don't remember my children and grandchildren being totally gullible. There are those two year olds who always say no.

  2. The unconscious mind would also be intuition then? I am a firm believer in following my intuitions.