Monday, 22 April 2013

S is for...

1) Soul Groups. Everyone has heard of soul mates, but not everyone knows they actually have a whole bunch of special soul friends. ‘Life between lives’ regression sessions will usually include a visit to the soul group which is mostly of about a dozen souls. These can be the souls of people who are present on earth, and the subject may recognise them as their brother, or friend, or colleague. We all leave some of our energy behind in the spirit world so we can literally be in two places at once. Our group may be the one we were put into as a baby soul, or if we are more advanced it can be a special interest group, who are all studying the same aspect of existence, or learning to carry out some particular task. Those who have incarnated without many members of their soul group can feel very lonely in their life, and this can be a deliberate choice, maybe to learn self sufficiency.

2) It is said that life is too Short, but I also think it is too narrow! I have many interests, and not enough time to do them properly. So maybe I am a bit of a Jack of all trades. As a child I learnt to Sail dinghies, but this fell away after my brother and sister joined the family when they were 20 months old and I was 15. They were a handful, and sailing is not an ideal occupation with two tiny children to watch!
Later in life I discovered Scrapbooking, and still do it, although at the moment I have been so busy getting my book ready to publish I haven’t had much time to play with glue paper and scissors. I find sitting in my little craft room making a foot-square page with one to four photos on it, and embellishing it with many different types of decorations is like a meditation, and I come away from my table not only with a beautiful page to add to my album, but with an enormous feeling of peace.

 3) Symphytum. This is ‘knitbone’ which is helpful after fractures as it helps bones to heal. It can also be used in cases of ‘non-union’ when a bone has failed to heal.


  1. Soul Group - that is interesting. I've never heard of that before, but it makes sense.

  2. I must be here to learn self-sufficiency. I don't think embraced it as early as I should have. One of my daughters and I were talking about this topic, but not exactly like this, earlier today.