Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H is for...

1) Hierarchy.  Michael Newton’s books, Journey of Souls/Destiny of Souls, give much information about the age or developmental level of souls. He also describes the “Council of Elders” which every soul meets on their return from a life. Some people find themselves becoming nervous about this as it seems judgemental and hierarchical, but this is actually not the case. Souls may well be at different stages in their learning, but the more advanced souls are in no way better than the less advanced, any more than a child in the final year of school is better than the infant in kindergarten! We are all on the same journey, some of us are a little further along, that is all. And the wise souls who look after us are more like nursery school teachers than policemen or lawyers. This is why the souls who are just a tiny bit ahead of us are called ‘guides’, because they guide and help us.
2)Hypnosis. This is the most recently learnt of my three modalities, and I think it suits me because there is a story-telling aspect to it! Not in the sense that I make up nonsense and put it into peoples’ minds, that would be appalling; but that I have to think on my feet when issues arise for the client, and work out quickly how to help them explain it to themselves, so that it will no longer cause pain. This also uses some of the improvisation skills I learnt at many Drama Summer School sessions.
3)Hepar Sulph is a good remedy for many infective processes. It can help some sore throats, especially if there is pain on swallowing, also pimples/boils and so forth.


  1. I read Conversations with God (Donald Walsh) and then Michael Newtons' series - great books. Do you practice any Neuro-Linguistic Programming? I did my master practitioner and life coach training, and they offer a hypnosis certification as well.

    1. No, I'm not into NLP, just hypnotherapy. We had a class on NLP which left us all more confused than we were to begin with!