Tuesday, 23 April 2013

T is for...

1) Time fills itself up! I have many things I could do with every second, but writing is Top Dog at the moment! So all my other activities, except those that make money, are on a back burner, until ‘Despite the Angels’ and ‘Revisited Sins’ are up and running. ‘Angels’ is available for kindle download, but so far is not moving, please help change that! The paperback will be out soon, just as soon as I find that elusive Time to go on Createspace (Amazon) and click “go” !

2)Teacher. My mother was a secondary school teacher, so I decided that I certainly did not want to be a teacher ‘when I grew up’. Unfortunately this was probably a bad decision, as there is a lot of the teacher in me (I think you can probably see that by reading these posts, I have an instinct to inform!) and although I would have hated to be a class teacher, especially for small children, I think I could have been some type of teacher on a one-to-one basis. I enjoy medical consultations most if there is an education aspect to them, as my inner teacher gets some time in public.

3) Thuja This will help the body to clear itself of warts. It works for about 50% of people, and the other 50% need a different remedy, perhaps ‘Ant Crud’. To try Thuja, suck one tablet of either 30C or 6C potency 3 times a day for 3 consecutive days weekly, for 4 weeks. If the warts have not gone 3 weeks after you stop, repeat the process. If they still don’t clear, you are in the unlucky 50%!


  1. I got the kindle edition of Despite the Angels. I'm just waiting for May and a bit more time in my life.

  2. Thank you for buying it, I look forward to hearing your opinion! I know how you feel about having no time-I was offered another 'blog award' today and have to defer it to May or I will keel over....

  3. The title of your blog grabbed my attention *love it* My novel series revolves around reincarnation:) We can accomplish great things when we make the time to write!